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Travel Agents: 1300 414 419

Travel Advice

ISail Whitsundays highly recommends travel insurance. This is important especially if you are on a tight schedule. Unstable weather can cause transport delays particularly in our summer months. We do not refund or re-schedule tours for late arrivals. Your insurance should cover any costs of you not been able to make our departure. Medical travel insurance is also recommended. Travel insurance is widely available (e.g., ask your travel agent.

For future guests travelling on either Blizzard or On Ice

Please re-confirm your arrival 72-48 hours with our check-in office ABC Travel by calling 07 4946 5755 (or email

Check-In at ABC Travel, 344 Shute Harbour Rd, main street Airlie Beach between Down Under Bar and NAB Bank: 2 hours prior to departure or any time before. Please contact them or your travel agent, should you run late or decide to go directly to the meeting point in the northern precinct of Abell Point Marina Airlie Beach, Queensland, Australia.

What To Bring

You will not need much. Please bring all your things in a small soft bag (no roller suitcases or large back packs, please). Luggage storage is available for $5 p.p. at Check-In (ABC Travel).


During the cooler months of the year we provide guests with 3/2mm neoprene wetsuits, these are to provide protection & warmth whilst in the water. In Summer we provide lycra suits, these protect against jellyfish and sunburn.

We also provide good quality mask and snorkels
Wear Glasses? You cannot wear glasses underneath a snorkel mask. If you don’t wear contacts but need glasses to see we recommend you hire a prescription mask from the Aqua Dive Shop at the marina (arrive a little early if you plan do this).

We do not provide guests with fins (flippers), as inexperienced snorkellers damage our beautiful coral reef with them. Experienced snorkellers are welcome to bring their own fins or hire them from the Aqua Dive Shop at the marina (arrive a little early if you plan do this).


Bring your own alcohol. Bottles of beer/cider are not ok, please buy tin cans. This is because glass is dangerous aboard a moving boat. Wine bottles are OK as is red wine. Please buy alcohol in a bottle shop in town before departure (no bottle shop in the marina). Please buy cold beer, it is the same price.


The boats water supply is safe to drink. Bottled water is available for sale on board $2.50 for 500ml. As are soft drinks and chocolates ($3).


All meals are provided on board, on the first day snacks will be served about 6pm and and dinner around 7-8pm so make sure you have had a good lunch. You may wish too bring your favourite snack food. A light lunch is provided on the journey back to Airlie Beach. Please make sure you let us know of any food allergies or if you are a vegetarian. This is an adventure tour aboard a small sailing boat and we are unable to cater to unnecessary requirements (i.e. low carbohydrates).


Serious seasickness is pretty uncommon, occasionally people feel unwell for short periods but normally recover quickly. If you are dehydrated you are far more likely to suffer sickness. The best prevention against sea-sickness is to arrive well hydrated and fed. If you have not had a minimum of 1.5lt of water today your are already dehydrated.

Stress is another big cause, stress produces histamines which will make you susceptible, so don’t worry about getting sick and you probably won’t.

Natural remedies like ginger tablets are helpful, However If you are really prone to motion sickness see a doctor or a chemist and get some medication and advice.

Car Parking

If you are leaving a car in Airlie Beach during your trip there is a car park at the Abell Point Marina, Shingly Drive, Airlie Beach (second turning on the right after roundabout). This is a pay and display car park costing $8 for 12-24 hours at release date of this information. Any free car parking needs to be sourced independently.

Tour Cancellations

We do not cancel tours because of rain or lack of sunshine. This is sailing adventure and we make no promises as to what the weather will be like. If we cancel because conditions are unsafe or any other reason you will receive a refund onto your credit card (some travel agents keep a fee).

Your travel agent’s cancelation policy (the person you’ve booked the trip with) applies. Please consult your ticket.

Jellyfish Information

Irukandji jellyfish are nearly invisible and stings are relatively rare. They are not unique to the Whitsundays and are found in the warm water throughout the asia pacific region. Irukandji is now the generic name given to a small species of cuboid jellyfish (with one tentacle in each corner) that cause the Irukandji syndrome. A tiny transparent jellyfish with a maximum bell diameter of just 12-70mm. All species of Irukandji are transparent and practically impossible to see in the water. Most Irukandji stings occur between October-May, with the average being 6-8 stings per year for the whole Whitsunday region. Stings have been recorded in the winter months but are rare. In many other parts of the world operators simply do not inform guests of risks such as this. In Australia we are required to inform guests of the risks associated with adventure activities. Thousands of people snorkel Queensland reefs every week and the risks posed by marine creatures are small.

You will see jellyfish of various sizes and forms while snorkelling. Please keep in mind there are over 200 species of jellyfish in the Whitsundays area but only 1 rare type poses a risk to humans.

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