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SUP (Stand Up Paddleboards)

Our SUP groups start off in calm water like a bay or along Whitehaven Beach. The conditions are sometimes a bit choppy but never surfy. We want each of our passengers to have a successful SUP experience and will always select the best spot for the day. Please note, that because of storage facilities, we can only offer SUP aboard On Ice.

Stand Up Paddleboards


The SUP boards are a lot wider and longer than a surf board and offer everyone a stable platform. The other piece of equipment is the paddle. The SUP paddles are quite different from kayak paddles. They are long and have a bend. One paddles with the bend forward; feels like the wrong way, but it is the right way and much more effective. Watch our videos for more insights from our “SUP Pros”.

SUP Future

The sport developed quickly over the last few years from ‘surfing with a paddle’ to having many different disciplines and board types. While the SUP surfing is still growing, most people today SUP to stay fit in flat water; as SUP is a great combination of cardio and all over body work out. Flat water SUP also offers an easy way to enjoy the water without any intention to get fit.

The big stable boards enable you to take gear with you and to stay (mostly) dry. People even take their dogs and kids supping. Another growing and exiting way is the downwind SUP, a kind of ocean swell surfing on long skinny boards. People reach 8 knots of speed on the ‘downwind runners’. The Whitsundays is an ideal region for the downwind SUP, enquire for speciality charters, if you are interested. The newest way to SUP is the white water SUPing. This is a sport for brave people, as it involves going down rapids and little waterfalls.