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We love the coral filled bays on the outside of the islands like Border, Hook or Hayman Island. The remoteness together with clearer waters make them pristine snorkelling locations. As all our boats have 12 passengers or less, we can visit Setting 4 areas. This means we have access to more places and coral reef bays less used than boats with more than 12 passengers.

The Whitsunday Bays we snorkel are protected from wind and waves which enables calm water snorkelling. Most times we snorkel off the inflatable tender vessel boat, but there are a few coral beaches where snorkelling off the beach is possible.

Snorkel Equipment

ISail believes that good snorkel equipment contributes to a good snorkel experience. We have good quality silicon masks and snorkels in various sizes. If you have your own gear you are most welcome to bring it. Should you require prescription googles, please consult the DiveShop 'Aqua Dive' located in the northern Abell Point Marina village (at our meeting point for the tour). For unconfident swimmers we have swim vests aboard, they protect both swimmer and coral reef (standing up will kill the coral). The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authorities have asked us not to give fins, as they often cause coral damage with unexperienced snorkelers. But if you are a seasoned snorkeler you are most welcome to bring your own ones. Aboard our vessels Blizzard and On Ice we have a SeaScooter (dive propulsion unit) that propels you through the water without having to move. It is fun to use and enables longer diving.